How To Order Jersey or any Apparel With Us?

This is just a suggestion from our company to make the order process go as smoothly as possible for both parties.
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Step 1: We Make it Fast, Direct Contact to WhatsApp

Our designated agent will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.
WhatsApp Secrezz Team

Step 2: Choose Your Fabric and Design

We will provide you with a list of suitable fabrics and prints that fit your requirements and budget.

We have three choices for the design: a ready-made design (choose from our catalog and we will amend with your logo and name), a custom design (extra charges), or providing us with your own design.
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Step 3: Review Your First Mockup

After the apparel design is done, we will send a preview image for your approval before we test print.

Step 4: Provide a Size List in Excel

As we are doing some testing for your apparel, you can begin to provide a size list ranging from XS to 3XL with quantity, name, numbers, address, phone number, etc. (if applicable). It is preferable to have the list in Excel format.
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Step 5: Deposit Before Start Production

Our team will send an invoice for the order, and a 70% deposit is required before we can begin production.

Step 6: Production Complete and We Ship Your Items

While most productions can be finished in two to three weeks of regular business hours, more time may be needed for particularly large orders. After the final payment on the invoice is received, we will ship the items.
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